Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Update - Take Me to the Zoo

Last weekend was a busy one! On Friday, we had the In-Laws over for dinner. Little Miss loved it so much that she invited the In-Laws to the zoo with us on Saturday. Little Miss has been obsessing over elephants for over a week so I told her we could go to the zoo if the weather was nice.

On Saturday, the weather was perfect. I got Little Miss up and asked her what day it was and she responded, "Zooday!" I told her it was Saturday, but we were going to do the zoo. We left the house after she had a gigantic breakfast of 2 1/2 eggs and a bowl of Cheerios. We got a teensy bit misdirected going to the zoo so, by the time we pulled into the parking lot and parked, Little Miss was sound asleep. She did perk up while we were walking through the zoo. She loved the elephants and the cow. We did a quick tour, but next time I think we'll do the different houses so she can see the reptiles and small mammals. We picked up sandwiches for lunch on the way home. Little Miss took an immediate nap, but we ate and then napped as well. After, I met a friend. We had dinner at Chick-Fil-A and then saw Due Date. After the movie, we picked up some Coldstone Creamery and watched the DVD, The Girl who Played with Fire.

On Sunday, we had a nice day at home before heading to my parents for Nephew's Gotcha Day (the day he was adopted). It was a nice evening with my grandparents, parents, sister and nephew. We were more than happy to get home and relax last night though. Next week should be a relatively relaxing weekend before Thanksgiving so I look forward to that.