Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Report on Little Miss's Progress

Husband and I had our first Parent/Teacher conference to discuss Little Miss's progress thus far in school. Though we think she's very polite, she only received a "Progressing" grade. Otherwise, she is about where we expected. I excerpted her "report card" to point out two specific things. First, a brag. She "Mastered" counting numbers 1-5 and 1-10. The teacher also remarked how she was impressed that she knew her numbers out of order as well knowing how to count down (this is partly because she loves a show on television that uses "Math powers" and also because we live on the 16th floor so she counts down the floors on the elevator). Also, she "Mastered" identifying shapes. The teacher also said that it was impressive that she knew shapes on which she wasn't tested like diamond and oval.

Second, the not surprised portion of the report card. You'll see below that she has "Mastered" independently making choices. It comes as no surprise to us that she knows her own mind. Though, truthfully, the teacher said she was glad that Little Miss can play with a wide variety of toys and learning devices and doesn't stick with a favorite, that she'll just go up to something and play with it. I think this is because she's the first child so she's used to independent play, but it's also because that's how we see her play at home.

Of course, with even the best of reports comes some generic thoughts on how, like all the children, she doesn't like cleaning up and has trouble sitting for long periods of time. She likes to sit by the window and bookcase so she can stare out the window or pick a book to read instead of listening to instructions or storytime. I'm actually impressed that she is thinking of alternate ways to amuse herself during her least favorite part of the day, but it's still officially being frowned upon if I need to be the bad guy.

So, all in all, a good report.

On a private note, you'll remember that Little Miss has had trouble with pooping. We've seen the pediatrician a couple of times regarding this matter. The pediatrician basically said we were lucky she took to the process so quickly and that it's only been 2 months. To gloss over all the details, she still hates to poop, but we created a sticker chart. After 10 stickers, she gets some sort of present. So, she's been very proud of herself when she poops on the potty, and there is positive reinforcement all over the place from everybody. She didn't even cry this week though she did cry all day leading up to it. At least she's doing it. We'll work on not crying later.

On a second note, she started crying when we drop her off at school. Today, she didn't cry for the first time in about a month. She was a little clingy at first, but I made sure she had with which to play and then I snuck out. The teacher was amused that, even when she wails, once she's occupied, she stops. There's no ramping down or hiccuping, she just stops crying. She's not really a kid who cries unless she's tired or hurt so it is unusual. Hopefully, this is progress. You know, right before Christmas break after which it may start all over again.


Donna said...

The first of many such progress reports! Sounds like she is doing just what a 3 year old should be doing! How grand.