Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What Christmas Looks Like

I guess I could have posted a photo of a pumpkin as well. Seriously. Starting before Halloween, I saw Christmas lights and Advent calendars. There are now decorations at the mall (and it's before Thanksgiving) and music on the radio 24/7 starting this week. Now, I realize to most that I'm the enemy. I have my preliminary Christmas card spreadsheet all printed out so I can begin addressing cards (though they probably don't go out until the first week in December) and I have about 1/3 of my Christmas shopping completed. I'll pick up a couple of more items this month and the balance in December. However, that's more budget-planning than being in the Christmas spirit. I usually get filled with Christmas spirit on Christmas Eve and then realize, once I'm in the throes of holiday charm, that the season is gone.

Last year, we got the crying on Santa's lap photo. This year, I'm hoping Little Miss does a little better. She knows who Santa is and definitely understands the concept of presents more so it should be fun. She's still young enough, however, to enjoy being with family more than accepting gifts which is sweet. So, I'll get into the Christmas spirit for her... but not until December (or after Thanksgiving as we get our tree the day after Thanksgiving every year). Plus, she does look cute in red and loves her Jingle Bell hair ties. Plus, your heart will melt if you ever hear her sing Jingle Bells (I'll try to get video before the end of the season).

Oh, right, back to my point before I got carried away with cuteness. Seriously, commercial America, don't push us into Christmas. It's the same time every year. There's no reason to move up the date to the middle of October. /rant


Brandi said...

I won't lie--I kind of love that everything is Christmasy already. I've been holding back on putting my decorations up. Maybe it's because I spent the last two Christmases in the deep south, and now we finally live someplace with seasons again, and the foliage and cold weather are making me anxious for it?

SG to SP said...

Agreed! I love the Christmas season but I find it annoying how they start it earlier and earlier every year. Poor Thanksgiving is like the ugly step-child to Christmas.

naomi said...

First comes husband's birthday. Then right on the heels is Thanksgiving. Finally we have Christmas. It's 6 weeks of madness and I'm behind already.

good luck with the Santa picture this year. :)