Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weekend Updates - September is Almost Gone?!

The weekend after Labor Day, I went to a friend's condo for brunch. She's getting married in May and had her mother and bridal party over for brunch and then we all went out to try on bridesmaid dresses. We went to a store that should not be named, and we had a less than pleasant experience that resulted in no dress. So, we went to White Swan Bridal nearby and had a dress in less than an hour. It is the dress pictured. Well, it would have taken longer, but I had to leave to be home for Little Miss. After I got home, another friend, Little Miss and I went out to dinner.

The next day, we went to my parents' house. My dad had kidney stones so we thought we'd pop in and see how he was doing. While there, Little Miss showed off her amazing potty skills, and we took a nice nap. We also stayed for dinner.

Last weekend, we woke up and got ready and saw the Washington Capitals practice. We met Brother-in-Law and Nephew. Father-in-Law also met us. The kids weren't too amused so we took a walk while Husband and Father-in-Law stayed and watched the Caps. We had lunch in the food court and then head home.

A note on the rest of our weekend: for the extra-sensitive or those without children, you could stop reading now. Or, if you're on Facebook, you've probably heard all this drama already.

Little Miss has an issue. She really potty-trained overnight. She wears a pull-up or diapers when she sleeps, but she's really great at going to the potty. She also never has emergencies. She tells us in plenty of time to go which is thoughtful of her. We know that pooping on the potty is the last thing to really click, but she seemed to be having more difficulty than the average bear. Before, during and after, she'll scream and need to be held - for as long as an hour or two. Long story short, we went to the doctor on Monday who informed us that it is perfectly normal (and if you Google this, it seems everybody has this issue - but I don't care about everybody, I only care about me). She has some remedies we're trying so we'll see how it goes. It'll be a process.

On happier news, she really love school. I attribute her quick potty training to the fact she sees other kids doing it. Plus, she's so proud of herself which is nice to see. She comes home with pictures and paintings almost every day she goes to school. She doesn't talk about school, but she's excited to go so she must like it. We heard from other parents that their kids don't talk much about school either but love it. One noticeable change is that she is happily helping clean up her toys. She was always good about it, but now she has such a pleasant attitude about it.   Obviously, I've been horrible about taking photos, but I hope to take many this weekend.  I have an ambitious weekend planned so we'll see how successful I am at achieving all of it.


MrsErinS said...

So thrilled that Laura is enjoying school! It must be so much fun for her to have lots of other little ones to play with :) Can't wait to see her this weekend!!

I hope your dad is feeling better. Ugh, kidney stones are awful :(

How are you liking water for elephants? I really enjoyed that book.

april said...

I'm enjoying Water for Elephants. The hype was working against it, but I jumped right in and can't wait to pick it up. September and October are very busy and, in what free time I have, I've been watching tv, but I've been making good progress throughout and can't wait to see where the story goes.