Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vacation Update - the Boardwalk

The night Hurricane Earl visited, we had a nice, quiet dinner and ice cream (even if Little Miss didn't eat her dinner - hey, it's vacation). Then, we went to the boardwalk. She was so enamored by all the lights and sounds and smells. We narrowly escaped riding the tramcar which she stared at longingly. However, we didn't escape rides. She rode a kiddie ride with various vehicles (she rode the train). Then, she rode on a train with me. Next, she rode the boats (above) and the motorcycles. We finished the night on the Merry-Go-Round. She then pretty much said she wanted to go home and to bed which we did but not before we bought her a t-shirt which she promptly hugged all the way home. She loves rides. She's so good, sits still, holds on. On the boats, she loved ringing the bell. She's just so happy when riding the rides, it's hard not to be happy right along with her.