Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Update - Goodbye, September

Last Friday was an interesting evening. Little Miss was still trying to get over her potty training issue. As with last week, she starts on Friday and the issue plagues her for an entire weekend. However, Saturday, she seemed in good spirits. As a precaution, I put her in a pull-up just in case. I know there are arguments not to, but it's a temporary fix we're using until she starts to go. The holding it in is the first step we're trying to tackle.

On Saturday, Husband went to play golf. Little Miss and I got up and got ready and headed to Clarendon for Clarendon Day. It was super hot. We walked to Clarendon and walked around the festival-type street fair. Then, we took the Metro into the city for The National Book Festival. As soon as we got into the city, Little Miss fell asleep. So, I walked around and then head on back. We made another stop in Clarendon where Little Miss enjoyed a cupcake (see photo above) and then walked home. At that point, I took a nap and then we went on with the evening routine.

On Sunday, Husband's boss came over to watch football. Little Miss woke up, took a nap, and then we left the boys to go visit Brother-in-Law, Sister-in-Law and new nephew. It was a nice afternoon. Then, we hit the grocery store and went home. Then, that evening, Little Miss pooped on the potty. I know this doesn't mean much to almost any of you, but this is a big deal because it's been a traumatizing time for Little Miss. She did bawl the entire time, but she stopped crying when she was done (usually, she cries before, during and after for hours). So, she got a candy reward and we praised her Lionel Ritchie style - all-night long. So, it was a long, tiring weekend, but it was fun. October weekends also have a lot of fun things in store so hopefully, we'll continue on a good path.


MrsErinS said...

LOVE that picture!

(can you tell i'm getting all caught up on your blog? hehe)