Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Think Your Pants are Smoking

Little Miss was allowed to stay up a little later tonight because Husband came home late. So, she put on her tv show even though I said she couldn't watch again because it was bedtime. Husband asks her if Mommy said it was all right if she watched her tv show again and she said, "yes." What a little liar!

Earlier, she asked for M&Ms. Husband asked her if Mommy said it was ok. She said yes. I told her I said no. She countered that she went potty to which I responded that she went potty 2 hours ago and got a piece of chocolate.

I'm so thrilled that we've entered the negotiation and lying period. To think I couldn't wait for her to talk.


Shoshana said...

now the real fun begins. I think it's part of growing up, which we're all hoping they will outgrow