Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Potty Training

I think this has been one of our biggest challenges. Little Miss showed early interest in going to the potty. Then, she hit a brick wall. Then, she was very anti-potty. She would throw fits and wouldn't even go into the bathroom at all. She had so many signs of being ready - like not liking a wet diaper, telling us when she just went. We even went shopping for underpants (though she wasn't too excited and that was only last week). During Open House for preschool, the teachers strongly encouraged her to be potty trained for school which was the following week. So, we said we'd do what we could, but we only had a week to continue doing what we were doing. However, last Thursday, I feel like we turned a corner. She went once and then again at the hotel during vacation. The second time, she actually told us she had to go as opposed to being as a result of constant nagging from us. Yesterday, she went 3 times out of 5 which was extremely good. Of course, today, she had an accident at school, but it seemed like the teachers were pleased she will only wear underpants and she's not in diapers. So, that's good. It's nice to see progress.

Of course, I had to get her Days of the Week underpants, too. They're just the cutest. I had a picture of her in her underpants, but as I've been told, the photo looks a little too pervy so I'll just put the modest photo of her on the potty (though she mostly uses the big potty with a special seat for her).

As Husband said, in a month or so, we'll wish our biggest obstacle in our lives was potty training.


alice said...

LOL, what comes after potty training? Oh wait... there are a lot of things. :P

Go Little Miss for liking (and using) the potty!