Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Update - New Nephew

Last Friday, we went to the hospital to visit our new nephew who was awake and alert for us. See photo above.

On Saturday, we went back to the hospital after lunch (after Little Miss's nap) where new nephew was sleeping, but he was a few wires less which made it easier to snuggle with him. After, we ran some errands, had a nice dinner and a relaxing evening. Photo below is Little Miss ready to leave the apartment. Her sunglasses are upside down, but she was careful to grab her purse and put all her trains in it.

On Sunday, we cooked for the new parents so they wouldn't have to worry about food. We know how hard it is to come home with a tiny baby who depends on you for everything. Thinking about food is just the last straw that tips you over into insanity. On a good day, I'd shower and have a bowl of cereal and count the hours down until Husband came home from work. We had a nice Sunday. Little Miss and I took a little walk and went to the grocery store and mostly just stayed around home. With all the activity the last week, her routine has been disrupted and I don't think her sleeping schedule has returned yet.

Big week this week so stay tuned!

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MrsErinS said...

that picture is too perfect! can you send me the jpg? i need it!