Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our Domestic Goddess

Well, you know it's not me.

The other day, Little Miss was being her wacky self running around and being silly. She was playing with her play kitchen. Then, seconds later, she was running into her bedroom. She comes out with one mitten on. So, fine. She's done stranger things. Then, she went to her kitchen to pick up the pan. She looks at me and says, "Hot. Mitt." as an explanation. She calls her mittens "mitt" or "mitts". Then, the light came on in my head. I told her she was very smart. She sees us use our oven mitts all the time. She knew better than to touch her (imaginary) hot pan with her bare hand. Then, she mixed whatever she was cooking and made me try it (after I blew on it, of course, because it was hot).

She doesn't play with her play kitchen often, but she loves actual cooking. She gets her stool and helps all the time. She also has a lot of respect for the appliances. She knows that when the stove or oven is on that they are hot and usually stays a healthy distance away. She also is a bit scared of the blender and exits the room when it's turned on. This is amusing because the girl is afraid of nothing... except the blender and vacuum. It's good to be scared of some things though.

Below, you can see her cooking with her light blue/green mitten and orange pan.

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