Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekend Update - Independence Day

Last Friday, work closed early so I went to the grocery store and then got a pedicure. It was lovely. On Saturday, we spent the day with the In-Laws. We ate lunch and dinner and hung in the pool. It was a fun day (and the pool always photographs so nicely).

On Sunday, I went to see
Knight and Day with a friend. We enjoyed it. Plus, snacks were $1 which was awesome! Then, we made dinner and watched fireworks on TV. Yesterday was a quiet day. Although, we woke to no water, it came on by mid-morning. We hung out by the pool again and had mostly a quiet night. Little Miss had such a busy weekend with the pool and walks that she slept a ton. So much so that Husband thought she was a little under the weather. It has been nice for me because she's been extra cuddly and quite the Mama's girl. She's been on a really good stretch where she's been talking a ton, learning so much, and really progressing into a Big Girl (except for the potty training). She's really so much fun.

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