Friday, December 11, 2009

Sexy Friday

So, it's getting closer to Christmas and, whenever I think of Christmas, I like to take a few moments to think of Jake Gyllenhaal. For those of you who saw Jarhead, you understand. For those of you who have not, at one point, Jake dances around in his Santa hat. Just his Santa hat. Currently, you can see him in Brothers which looks a little too depressing for me, but I'll watch it from the comfort of my own couch with my own box of tissues. His counterpart is a person who (as of this blog posting) is linked to him in all the magazines and whatnot - Reese Witherspoon. I've liked Reese Witherspoon since I sobbed through The Man in the Moon (which gives me another Sexy Friday recipient in the future). Both seem like likable people so I see them together, and I want to believe they're happy - and happiness is sexy.

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