Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hey! My Name is...

So, someone called me Rachel today at work. This is only unusual because 1. she knew my name and 2. I get Rachel a lot. Most of the time, people will accidentally call me Amy though. I wanted to add that we do have a Rachel in the office and, other than the fact we sit near each other, there's not much that would confuse us. This scene took place outside of the restroom not even near our desks anyway.

Then, I found
this site where you can generate your own Jersey Shore nickname. If I put in my actual name, I get A-Cat. If I put in my married name, I get The Rack (which is maybe why I didn't change my name because clearly, that's not appropriate). If I put in my username, princessapr, I get Pookie. If I just put in april, I got Vibe Time. I think I'm sticking with A-Cat.

A-Cat OUT!


Brandi said...

Mine came back as "The Incident." I kinda like it.

Unknown said...

A-Cat. I like it. I don't see you as a Rachel. Or an Amy. You are definitely April.

My full name is The Princess of Paramus. My first name is The Rack. Could be appropriate. :) My username is Tan Tric. Okay, I'm skipping the Jersey name.