Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow Day!

So, in case you hadn't heard, it snowed last weekend. I keep saying that the weather people don't know what they're talking about, but it turns out, they did this time. We got a ton of snow. We never get that much because we're closer to the city, but we got covered. Below is a photo of the front of our building early in the day on Saturday:Now, the grocery stores are insane in this area before a storm, even imaginary threats of storms. So, we were pretty sure it was going to be insane this time. So, we didn't go on Friday night despite the fact that we had no food at home. So, before the storm escalated, we walked to the grocery store on Saturday morning. We were going to drive, but the roads were bad. The photo below is Husband and Little Miss in the snow:
Little Miss wasn't very amused by the snow, but then again, she brought part of that on herself. She wouldn't let us put down the canopy for her stroller. She wanted the cool air but she didn't want the wet snow. So, either way, she was unhappy. We let her run wild at the grocery store so that helped. She also got free samples. Below is a picture of the snow accumulating on her:The snow kept increasing throughout the evening. When it was mostly done, we took photos of our balconies (which rarely get snow because they're fairly sheltered). Actually, upon further review, both of these photos are the balcony that isn't sheltered, the one off Little Miss's bedroom. One is straight from her room and the other is around the corner. A lot of the snow is gone now because that side of the building gets the sun. I'm sure the ice will come and go, but it'll clear off in a couple of days. We'll still have snow on the ground and a white Christmas though.So, today, the Federal Government was closed which meant a snow day for me! However, I have a lot of work to do so I'm still working from home. Husband is busy at work (did you hear the Senate is voting on something to do with healthcare?) so he had to go into work today after staying up most of the night watching CSPAN - which is weird because that channel is one I usually put on when I want to sleep. So, today is kind of a regular work day... except I'm wearing my pajamas. I also started tidying up for Christmas Eve dinner so I may continue to do that this evening so I don't have a mad rush on Christmas Eve morning. Very productive of me!