Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Weekend Update - Christmas

I got Christmas Eve off of work which was nice. Somehow we lost all day cleaning even though I was so good and did a lot of cleaning before. I can't even account for all the lost hours. Then, we went to Christmas Eve Mass and had all the In-Laws over for dinner. We had all the Polish food we cooked as well as pastries the boys all cooked the day before. Little Miss got all her presents from the In-Laws. She loved them. The above photo is the family photo taken at our place. I swear I'm fatter than I am in real life. I leaned back and wore plaid which was a bad mix. Ugh. Everyone else looked good and smiled though. The chances of a good retake were next to nothing.

On Christmas, we opened the family presents. Husband and I bought a mattress recently so that was our real gift, but we did small stocking stuffers for each other. We bought many gifts for Little Miss, and she seemed to love them all - especially her Minnie golf club set. Christmas night, we went to Brother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law's apartment to celebrate. We had a great dinner there, and Little Miss got another present. The below photo is of Little Miss in the giant chair Brother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law have. She always sleeps in this chair, ever since she was an infant. I'll have to find photos of her in the chair from last year to show how much she's grown.

The day after Christmas, we were supposed to wake up in the morning and go to Maryland where my parents have a place, but Little Miss had a stomach bug. So, we ended up leaving in the evening after dinner. More on that in a separate email.

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