Thursday, March 10, 2016

Kid Update

I promise to be better at updating!  Truthfully, it's more for me.  I use this blog a lot to see what we did the year before.

Let's see, I'll update with Little Miss.  Below is the photo I took of the three of us while watching the Oscars.  Little Miss is doing great in school.  We just came from her parent/teacher conference.  She is being taught to her level which is well into the third grade.  Her teachers love her.  She's motivated, applying her lessons across the board, listens well, and is very social.  She doesn't get caught up in classroom drama and loves to help other children learn.

Little Miss may not be a future hockey player, but she is loving the fact that she gets to play this year and wear pads.  She's motivated enough to get up at 6AM.  She's been doing well with her swimming, and I believe she'll be swimming by this summer.  Plus, this is the most we've used our indoor pool since we've moved her a zillion years ago.

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Captain is coming into his own.  He adds new words to his vocabulary everyday (finally).  He could still be a little clearer when he talks, but he's getting there.  He loves singing and dancing.  He has gotten way into Frozen and Little Einsteins and, as we found out last night, Bubble Guppies.  He can climb up a step stool - but can't climb down.  He is not a great sleeper, but he will.  I think his rough phase is over at least.  

He still has some issues with constipation, but we are careful with his diet.  Plus, if needed, he gets a laxative with his juice.  Otherwise, he's a great eater and has gotten really good at using utensils and feeding himself.  He loves playing with big kids because he really only has big kids around him.  He plays with the big nephew and some of Little Miss's friends.  He spends most of his time trying to use the computer or our phones or a tablet.  He's obsessed with electronics (only because he's not allowed to touch them), but he also loves Brown Bear, Brown Bear and cars and trains and music.  
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