Friday, March 4, 2016

February 2016 Weekend Update

This year has been flying!  The first weekend in Februray, Little Miss had hockey and swimming on Saturday and Sunday.

The second weekend, we went to my parents' mountain house.  It was frigid cold.  Sister, Brother-in-Law, and we went on a double date for Valentine's Day.  It's our annual date night.  The next day, we went ice skating and to the pool.  I had not been ice skating in a very long time.  It was evident the minute I got on the ice.  We planned to stay until Monday, but a bad snow storm was coming so we all drove home after dinner on Sunday.
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The third weekend, Little Miss had hockey and swimming again, but on Sunday, I met a friend for a Sangria and Paella-making class.  It was a lot of fun and full of food and sangria.  I had a lot of sangria.  I was also so full that I didn't even eat dinner that night.  I'm looking forward to trying to make some!
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The last weekend in February, Little Miss had hockey which now starts at 7AM which is rough on us all (though I stayed home with Captain so it wasn't as bad for me).  Then, we hosted a playdate in the afternoon.  Little Miss had a lot of fun with her friend.  We baked brownies for the boys and then went to the game room for some pool, ping pong, and Golden Tee.  On Sunday, it was the Oscars and swimming.  Little Miss got all ready so she could watch the pretty dresses and the first awards.  (The selfie on this post is from when we all watched the Grammys.  Captain slept through the Oscars so no family selfie for that).  I had a gift card so we did take out instead of our usual "cook way too much food" for Oscar Sunday.
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It was a super fast month.  I hope one of these months this year doesn't fly by!  

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