Friday, November 6, 2015

October 2015 Weekend Update

October was, as always a busy month! The first weekend, I had book club. We read a book that was about a family that owned a vineyard so we went to a vineyard to discuss it. It was a rainy day, but it wasn't cold, and the wine flowed. It was a fun day with yummy snacks, delicious wine, and great friends!
The second weekend was a quiet one.  A co-worker is expecting a baby in the beginning of next year so I offered her any baby items we were no longer using.  It was great to help her fulfill her needs while also emptying out our apartment.  The weekend was a much-needed quiet one.  
The third weekend, we went to the pumpkin patch.  It started out beautiful, but it turned cold and drizzly.  The kids had a blast though.  Captain hated being outside, hated everything.  I got one good picture and a billion ones where he looks miserable.  Little Miss had a blast on the slides, bouncy castle, playground.  She loved being with her cousins.  After the pumpkin patch, Little Miss and I went to the movies. It was nice to have some special Big Girl time.  

On Sunday, my sister and her fiance came over to watch football.  I started preparations for Little Miss's birthday party.  Little Miss had a playdate with a close friend.  It was a good day.  
The fourth weekend was Little Miss's birthday party!  It was all about Big Hero 6, Little Miss's favorite movie of the moment.  We had crafts and food based on the movie, and the kids watched the film.  It was great.
Then, Halloween rounded out October.  We went out to my parents' house.  My dad was out of town.  We stopped at my sister's house and picked up some candy.  Captain was scared of their puppy.  Then, we went to my mom's for dinner.  After dinner, we went door to door.  Brother-in-Law and his wife came with Nephew and their dog.  Captain actually loved their dog.  We didn't score a ton of candy but a good amount.  Both kids got a little taste before we went home.  Both were exhausted and slept on the way home and late into the next day.  Captain was so good during his first real Halloween.  He kept his costume on all night.  Little Miss took hers off at the first opportunity.  

Onto November!  

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