Monday, November 9, 2015

Happy Halloween!

For Halloween, my office building had a pumpkin carving contest.  At the last minute (like 10PM the night before), I decided to enter.  They provided the pumpkin and carving kit which was super nice.  This is actually my second attempt as my first was a gigantic failure.  I drew the sketch freehand based on a photo on Google and then used that sketch as a stencil.  Then, Husband couldn't tell what it was so I highlighted the sweater and dog ears in black marker.  Just for kicks, I painted it all.  The next morning, I added the zig zag.  Transferring to work was the most difficult part.  The pumpkin was still wet and fragile.  So, I held it in my hands and got a little yellow all over everything.  It's kid paint so it's all water soluble and will come out, but it was still messy.
 Anyway, it was all worth it!  I came in third.  I came in after a patriotic, Washington DC pumpkin and Bernie Sanders.  Despite your politics, Bernie was carved beautifully.  I would have voted for that for first.  I was happy with third.  For my big win, I got a trophy which is kind of awesome and Wizards/Magic basketball tickets for next weekend with parking pass.  I'm less excited about that, but we may actually go because why not?

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