Monday, February 23, 2015

Everything is Awesome

Ever since Little Miss and I watched the Golden Globe Red Carpet, she's been asking when the next Carpet is.  So, she's been looking forward to the Oscars.  She got dressed up in a lace dress I own and put on some crystal jewelry.  She drank her milk out of a crystal champagne flute.  It was a big, fancy night for her.  Also, and I may regret this, we let her stay up WAY too late.  She put in her picks for the Oscar pool and got a respectable number correct considering she had never heard of most of the movies and kept trying to vote for "The Theory of Whiplash".  She chose a couple of categories correct that we didn't guess correctly.  She was absolutely entertained by The Lego Movie's performance and was super happy Big Hero 6 won.  It was a lot of fun watching the awards with her, and I look forward to award season with her next year.

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