Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Kiddie Update

Little Miss received her second quarter report card (though I think, at this age, it's still more of a progress report).  We should have our parent/teacher conference soon.  It was rescheduled to the middle of March.  She has done so well.  Based on how the grading is done at this age, she has the highest marks she could earn.  She's reading at far above her grade level, and excelling in math.  She also gets high praise from her Spanish teacher.  

She had a growth spurt so she's just shy of wearing size 8 clothes already.  Her feet grew 2 sizes.  She has stayed the same weight though so she is so super skinny.  

Her self-esteem is still the highest I've ever seen on a person.  She values intelligence, but she's also still very logical and a very concrete thinker.  She's a wonderful mix of "types".  She's so girly in some aspects yet so not in other areas.  She likes being active, but she also likes arts and crafts.  She likes reading, but she also likes randomly jumping (sometimes naked jumping for whatever reason).  She's brave in that she loves roller coasters and rides and trying new things, but she hates trying new food and is scared of the dark.  

Baby is 9 months now.  He's not nearly the chub that his sister was, but he's in the 65th percentile in length and still in the teeny tiny percentile in weight.  He is very clingy and cuddly.  He doesn't have stranger danger so much as he prefers his mommy and then sometimes his daddy.  He has 4 teeth and we believe he's getting more in everyday.  Between his teething and a little head cold, he's had a lot of trouble sleeping, but I feel we turned a corner last night.  He slept on his own just shy of all night (he woke at 6:30AM which, for some kids, is all night).  At that time, he wanted to cuddle only, no food.

He can sit up, crawl and pull himself up to standing.  He can feed himself small pieces of food with his fingers though he prefers you to feed him.  He loves eating solid food.  He has tried almost everything we've given him.  I'm guilty of sneaking him table food on top of his baby food.  Nothing elaborate or anything he can't eat yet but simple foods like bread, veggies/fruit, rice or pasta.  He's not a huge fan of his bottles anymore, but he drinks them.  I think he'll be happy when that's over with and he's all onto solid food.  I hate to break it to him, but he's got a bit of time left with the bottle.

He loves bath time.  He will push his face into the water.  He doesn't mind getting water in his face when you rinse him off.  He likes to crawl all over and play with his bath toys.  Surprisingly, when we were at my parents' house, he also didn't mind the snow and the cold.  He laughed when he was in his snowsuit and placed in a snow drift.  He didn't try to move, but he gave me big smiles.  He loves his toys.  He received many for Christmas.  I put them all down low or in drawers, and he can help himself to them.  He is very playful.

He's still not into his pacifier and only finds self-soothing with his fingers (specifically the third and fourth ones on his left hand).  He doesn't seem to rely on his fingers unless he's tired so it shouldn't be that bad of a habit at least.  He has no interest in drinking with a sippy cup yet, but we try.  He'll drink if we hold it.  He doesn't have an issue with water, just doesn't care for the cup yet.  

That's pretty much the latest.  We anticipate Little Miss will get more into some activity.  We took some time off, but she wants to go back to skating as soon as possible.  We also believe Baby will be an early walker.  I suspect in the next month or so which will put him around the time Little Miss took her first steps, but then she took another 3 months to walk.  I think he's going to take his first steps early and then go straight to running and jumping off of things.  Only time will tell...

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