Thursday, September 4, 2014

Weekend Update - Labor Day

We had a glorious low-key weekend.  I worked from home on Friday.  

On Saturday, Husband went to a friend's house to watch sports.  Meanwhile, Baby and I took a little nap after our morning routine.  Then, we took a walk.  He slept most of the evening while I watched tv.  Husband came home after we were both in bed.

On Sunday, Little Miss came home after being away for what seemed like forever.  It was great to have her home.  We had a nice family dinner together.

On Monday, we got up and got going.  Little Miss and I needed to do some last-minute school shopping.  So, we went to Target for a backpack, lunch bag and a few other essentials - like Kit Kats.  We had a girls' lunch and then went to buy some back to school shoes.  Little Miss had to have these cowboy boots.  She wore them out of the store, and she absolutely loves them.

And now we have a First Grader!  More on that after I load the pictures...

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