Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Update - A Whole Lot of Nothing

Last weekend, there was a lot of nothing.  I don't remember Friday, but I'm sure it involved dinner, food and bed.

On Saturday, Husband woke up with Baby and then went to be in an informal golf tournament.  So, Baby and I hung out.  He wanted nothing to do with a nap which was unfortunate.  So, we watched a bit of Doctor Who together.  After lunch, we went to the mall where I bought him a few outfits and some for next year - big sale and one-day coupon.  We picked up Little Miss after her long vacation with my family, hit the grocery store and headed home.  Husband met us as soon as we got home.  We had dinner, did laundry and I watched a lot of tv - premiere of Doctor Who and The Outlander.  I got full control of the television which was exciting.

On Sunday, we packed up Little Miss to go on vacation for a week with the in-laws.  Then, we did a lot more of nothing.  We took a morning nap which was glorious.  I surfed the internet.  Then, because I forgot something at the store, I had to leave and run errands.  I did defrost dinner so that was done at least, just had to throw it into the crock-pot.  We made the chicken teriyaki that I made while pregnant over some jasmine rice, snow peas and some potstickers from Trader Joe's. It was all super easy considering almost all of it came from the freezer. It may not be the most healthy, but it wasn't bad and really easy.  Sunday night, we watched the MTV video awards.  Our household has been way to into pop music lately.  It's ridiculously scary, but it's been a fun time.  There's been a lot of dancing.

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