Thursday, August 21, 2014

Roll Over!

Baby rolled over!  He's rolled over for Little Miss and Mother-in-Law, but Little Miss is the only one has seen it.  He likes to do it when no one is looking.  So, I'm on Baby watch.  Every day, I put him down and just say, "roll over!"  He hasn't obeyed yet.  I know it wasn't until Little Miss was four months old that I got to take a picture and video of it, but when she did it, she ROLLED repeatedly over and over again.  The first time she rolled over was at night.  She freaked herself out because she couldn't get back onto her back.  Then, she didn't do it again for awhile until she could roll both ways and back and forth.  We'll see how Baby does.  I've been putting toys all around him to see if that will motivate him.  Cameras are at the ready!

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