Monday, February 27, 2012

Sign Language

I learned very basic sign language back in 4th grade for a girl scout badge. The only thing that really stayed with me was the alphabet though a few random words stuck with me from the sign language club in high school. I'm just bad with other languages. Still, on and off, I'd teach Little Miss the alphabet. Her little hands are still struggling around some of the signs, but she tries and wants to be taught over and over.

Last weekend, we did the alphabet and then I tried teaching her the very few words I remember. Then, I downloaded 2 apps on my iPod, and we spent the rest of the day going through the signs and then quizzing each other on them. We have favorite signs (octopus and balloon) and giggled over some (poo and potty). We signed some during story time (apple and grumpy as we were reading Snow White). It's been really fun to see her little mind soak up everything.

I only got the free app, but it may be a worthwhile investment to get the extended app. We'll master the free signs first.


Gabi : A Non-Barbie said...

Have you seen the show "Switched At Birth"? They sign all the time, and online they give quick tutorials on phrases, like "I love cupcakes." I want to learn because it is so expressive to watch someone sign.

princessapr said...

I watched the first season (or until the mid-season break). I liked the show a lot, but I wanted to cut back and unfortunately that went by the wayside. I love the cast and I love certain things about it. I still follow most of the cast on Twitter, too.

I haven't gotten to sentences. I'd say my vocabulary is still less than 50 signs (not including the letters of the alphabet). I haven't made it to verbs yet. :)