Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekend Update - Getting Our Ski On

On Friday, we did the usual bedtime routine. Then, I met a friend for a late dinner to catch up. I came home and packed so we could leave in the morning, but then I decided to go to bed instead.
On Saturday morning, we packed and drove to western Maryland to my parents' place. We mostly hung out during the day. Later, my parents watched the kids and my sister, her boyfriend and Husband and I went out to a nice dinner.
On Sunday, we all got up to go skiing. Husband hung around a bit so he could watch Little Miss. She went up the mountain a couple of times, but then she was done. So, after, Husband took her home while the rest of us skied. A whole comedy of errors occurred after that, but it ended up with a night in the hot tub so that's not so bad.
On Monday, we woke up early so my dad could give Little Miss a ski lesson. She really responds well to him and really enjoys skiing with him. She went up three times and had a smile on her face the entire time. Then, we went over to go tubing. Little Miss was disappointed my dad didn't stay. After the first run, she said she didn't like it. When asked why, she responded, "Because of the fast." Somehow, we persuaded her to try once more. She liked it when she went down the hill with Husband so we finished the time slot tubing with Husband. We went back to the house after, had lunch and then packed the car to go home.

Once home, we did a very quick dinner, bath and homework before bed. It was a fast busy weekend, but it was fun.

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