Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Update - Relaxing Weekend (More or Less)

Last Friday, we did the usual dinner and bed. I was very tired, and I had to wake up early with Little Miss on Saturday. On Saturday, I woke up with Little Miss. She asked for Cheerios for breakfast and then decided she didn't want them. She let me know she didn't want them by throwing them all over the table. After discipline and clearing the table, I made myself a ham and egg omelet which Little Miss decided was much better than her Cheerios (which she requested) and ate the entire thing. After Husband woke up and got ready, we all went to Oak Marr. Husband hit golf balls at the driving range while Little Miss and I walked around. Husband let her hit a few balls from the driving range and then taught her how to hit golf balls with her little Minnie Mouse set. She plays golf all the time at home so it was neat for her to see people play real golf. She fell asleep on the way home. We woke her up to go grocery shopping and then she and I took a nap when we got home. There was dinner and bed (though I stayed up a little longer than she did).

I should note that, later in the evening, Little Miss got in so much trouble even Husband was
mad at her. She was told not to throw her toys and, in defiance, she threw her toy right at my eyebrow. So, now I have a little bruise and a cut above my eyebrow (which totally ruins my plan to wax them this week). She got a big time out in which Husband tossed her in the crib and shut out the lights and shut the door. Then, when we calmed down, we went back in there and made her apologize. As easy as the 2's have been, she's just now embraced her inner princess and really wants things her way. So, she has to learn the lesson we all do, you don't always get your way. Tough cookies.

On Sunday, Husband woke up with Little Miss. Then, I woke up when he went to golf. Little Miss and I hung out and acted silly. Then, we got ready ready and took a walk. Because it was starting to sprinkle, we went to the mall. We bought some ice cream and then walked home. She and I took a gloriously long nap. Then, she woke up when Husband got home. We had a nice family dinner and then she went right back to bed. I didn't stay up too much later.

So, that was the weekend. It was relaxing overall. On Saturday, I really felt it was Sunday so it was nice to have a bonus weekend day in there. Below is a very short video of Little Miss golfing. It was not as windy as it sounds.


MrsErinS said...

Love the video of her golfing with dad :) so cute!

but you must be talking about a different Little niece would never, ever act out like that! hehe.