Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Update - Friends and Family Fun

I actually don't remember Friday night so I'll assume nothing happened. I believe we watched some sports while we ate dinner and then I went to bed because Saturday is my morning to wake up with Little Miss. That's how my usual exciting Friday nights go.

On Saturday, I woke up with Little Miss. She had a light breakfast and was pretty good. We played and watched a little tv. Then, I left to meet up with friends and go to the
Gaithersburg Book Festival. My one friend just got engaged and was kind enough to ask both Little Miss and me to be in her wedding next year. I'm positive Little Miss will make the cutest Flower Girl ever. We all had fun, had ice cream (which is very important when having fun) and got to meet Sarah Pekkanen and Sarah Blake. Both authors signed books for us as well. I didn't get the opportunity to read either book before Saturday, but I can't wait. They both sound great and I loved hearing the authors read their own work. (Sidenote: Sarah Blake is also an adult film star so if you want to visit her website, I'd recommend clicking on the link provided and not just randomly type in a website you think is hers.) Then, my friend and I had dinner at Dogfish Head Ale House.

Little Miss had a great day with Husband. They went to buy new shoes
which is her favorite thing in the world and went to the playground. Little Miss took a 4-hour nap and basically woke, had a light dinner and went right back to bed. So, good Saturday all around.

On Sunday, Husband got up with Little Miss. Then, I got up for breakfast. Husband took a nap because he wasn't feeling well and I put Little Miss in for a quick morning nap. Then, we all went to Sister's house for Nephew's birthday party. He's 5! Nephew had a construction party and here is a photo of Little Miss hammering little "nails" (they're really tees into styrofoam). Little Miss was really looking forward to going all week. It was really cute. She had so much fun with all the big kids. Then, she had fun playing with her cousin. At one point, Nephew got injured and Little Miss got in trouble for not eating a good dinner, but Nephew thought Little Miss was getting in trouble for hurting him and, amid his tears, he cried, "It's not Little Miss's fault!" It was very nice of him to think of her and protect her. He was also a good big boy and gave Little Miss some trains of his. This is huge because Nephew is a big train enthusiast and he values his trains more than any other possession.

Little Miss was equally as excited to go home because, without her afternoon nap, she was tired and borderline cranky. So, after dinner, we went home, gave Little Miss a bath and she asked to go to bed. We put her to bed even though she hadn't eaten much all day, and she slept straight through to this morning.

Good, exhausting weekend!


SG said...

Aww she really will make a cute flower girl!!

MrsErinS said...

I've been meaning to reply to your FB I'll just do it here instead! Laura is going to be the cutest flower girl! That will be so much fun for her :)

I refuse to believe that Jordan is 5. noooo way! It's just too crazy. His party looked like a ton of fun.

So I was thinking...after looking up Jesse St. James at work...why not look up Sarah Blake at work too! :)