Friday, May 14, 2010

Weekend Update - Mother's Day

Well, last Friday, I wasn't feeling 100%, but I figured it was allergies. On Saturday, Little Miss and I woke up and got up and out as early as we could to travel to Union Station for National Train Day. We missed Taye Diggs, but the Metro was super slow and crowded. However, Little Miss was so good. She walked most of the time while I carried the stroller. She shared a seat with a fellow train lover. Then, when we got there, it was just too crowded to see anything. So, she mostly watched the model trains for awhile, we ate lunch and then we left. Sidenote: Little Miss saw the model trains and pushed her way to the front of the display so she could see. Luckily, the kids she pushed were all bigger so they could see over her, but it's kind of embarrassing to have her just muscle her way through the crowd (yet kind of cool at the same time). Because the Metro trains were still running slow, I figured I'd walk to the Orange Line. Little Miss fell asleep between Union Station and the Capitol so I kept walking. Around the Air & Space Museum, she woke up (partly because I walked by a fountain and she got wet) so we we had ice cream. Then, we proceeded to the Smithsonian Metro Stop and rode home. When we got home, she heard that Nephew wanted to play with her so we met Brother-in-Law and Nephew at the playground. Little Miss played hard for an hour. Nephew was very cute with Little Miss. He'd bounce back and forth between annoying Little Miss (who was tired and cranky) and defending her against everyone else in the playground. We often heard him say "that's my baby cousin" if someone got too close to her. Then, we both went home for a much-needed nap. We napped for an hour before Husband came home from golf. Little Miss must have been startled because she cried and sobbed for an hour after he accidently woke her. By Saturday night, I definitely wasn't feeling well. I did stay up to watch half of Saturday Night Live.

On Sunday, I felt lousy. I spent the entire day in bed. I got up to shower around 2:30 and then took an hour nap at which point I did wake up to go to the In-laws' apartment to celebrate Mother's Day. We had a nice dinner with the In-laws, Brother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law. Then, I went straight back to bed. Monday was a sick day for me, but I've been improving all week except for the runny nose which I fear may never end.

Big plans for this weekend -
Gaithersburg Book Festival and Nephew's birthday party. So, the next weekend update should be fun!