Monday, May 17, 2010

Money Tree

I hate spending a lot of money on things we need. The price of our new mattress hurt a lot last Fall, but it was worth it. I'm sure the other items we need will be worth it as well. Although, once I find the elusive Money Tree, we're hitting the mall. However, I can't quite say I need the first item yet.

I love
my camera. I love that it's purple. However, I have dropped a few times so it's kind of a shell of its former self. I wish I could blame Little Miss, but she's pretty gentle with it. I dropped it last weekend at the party. It was a impulse reaction when the camera closed and pinched me. I just kind of went "ouch" and jumped, and it flew off my wrist. I put all the pieces back on it, and it worked just fine last night. So, it's not an immediate need, but I'm looking into a new one. This camera also comes in purple and comes with a case. I'll have to see if its wrist strap tightens around the wrist.

First things first (besides the big girl bed over which we are kind of in denial), I think we're going to need new dishes within the next year. I love our dishes though, but we've broken a serving bowl and the bowls and plates have many chips. I'm pretty sure my bowl last night had a giant crack in it, too, but I forgot to throw it away. The set is almost 11 years old and was discontinued right after were were married (we had to scramble to get all the pieces and I even bought a lot on ebay). They're just so sturdy and happy-looking. I don't want to spend a ton on a new set, but I want the new set to stand up to our use. Plus, I'd ideally like to find something to match the remaining pieces of our original set. You can view the original set
here. I've added to the original set by adding plain white pieces as well as just plain blue pieces that matched perfectly.

We'll see. We need to get through the summer and get Little Miss a big girl bed first (I'm hoping for a Fourth of July sale). Then, I find the Money Tree and then I purchase the rest of my wish list (you know, after I make sure I have all the books I want and these shoes - you can see where it's hard to stop buying fun things and start buying things the apartment needs).


MrsErinS said...

*sigh* I'm right there with you on the dishes. I need to replace ours. Makes me so sad. I have a huge list of items for the money tree that include a new mattress too. It bugged me much more when I was sleeping like 15 hours a day during the first trimester. But now that I can't sleep, I can't say it's as much of a concern. But it's definitely at the top of the list! But first, a mattress for the crib :)