Thursday, May 13, 2010

Weekend Update - Horses and Trains

Two weekends ago, we had a busy weekend. On Friday night, we cleaned and tidied and rearranged our apartment to hold a party for the Kentucky Derby. On Saturday, we cooked and cleaned some more. Our friends and family came over and we ate (seriously, we got cleaned out and I'm not even going to list the amount of food through which we ate). We have a little pot to wager on the horses ($5 for a randomly-selected horse for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for cash and prizes). Then, a few stayed a little longer and we socialized until around midnight. It was a lot of fun! Plus, it was nice to see the place relatively clean for once.

On Sunday, friends of ours, Brother-in-Law, Sister and Nephew
met in Baltimore where we went to Day Out with Thomas. It was a thousand degrees outside. Little Miss had a blast though. She got to lead her new friend around, got led around by Nephew, and mostly just enjoyed seeing so many trains.

Sidenote: See that flower in the above photo? The balloon flower? I waited in line almost an hour for it. Little Miss wanted one so I was like sure, I'll stand in line. The guy was awesome, but he took FOREVER. So, we JUST MADE our trip on Thomas. We were the last ones on the train because I the guy was making her balloon flower while we were supposed to be boarding the train. The flower is now is the pink petals and a nasty green deflated balloon stem. Little Miss still carries it around. I'm thrilled she still loves it. It makes the stress worth it.

When we got home, she also enjoyed a cupcake. See below to see how much she enjoyed that cupcake.

Our next weekend update involves National Train Day and Mother's Day. I'll try to get that out tomorrow before we pass another weekend. Sorry for the delay!


host said...

Looks like you ad a very good time!
Love the flower :)and Little Miss is adorable as always