Friday, May 23, 2008

My friends are so talented!

This is my friend's website. She's so talented with a needle and thread. It makes me wish she lived closer. As it is, I'll have to be content to shop online... well, once I figure out how to log into the website. The site is now in English. There's an extra step on which I'm stuck - you have to log into the site to move forward with your shopping cart. I did, but my information was sent to my personal account which is at home. I can't access it at work. So, in the meantime, I do the equivalent of window shopping. Sanna asked everyone to post information on his or her own blogs, but it took me awhile because I'm a procrastinator.

I'm wishing you all the success in the world with your new project, Sanna! As soon as I figure out the technical end, I'm totally adding you to the places I spend all my hard-earned money.

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Sanna said...

April, thank you so much for praising me and my shop.

I got an email that you bought the blue bag. Is that correct or did you just go too far with your log-in?

Let me know.

Love and hugs, Sanna