Monday, May 19, 2008

The best weekends contain...

birthday cake, pizza, and a lot of junk food. I would actually count all of those things as junk food, but junk food deserves to be categorized.

Anyway, on Saturday, we went to Nephew's third birthday party. I think it went well, but then again, it's not my house. The cake was good. He seemed thrilled that the house was all decorated with Thomas the Tank Engine decorations and balloons. Even his cake had Thomas on it!

Later, after all the excitement died down, we stayed and had pizza. We stayed through bath time and storytime. Then, Baby was in Nephew's big boy bed. He thought it was hilarious! It was the cutest thing.

Because there were so many guests (mostly family) and noise and things going on, Baby didn't sleep much all day. She took little cat naps, but she was mostly awake. She was really good though. However, a girl's gotta sleep sometime. At the end of the evening, she was pooped so I had to snap a photo. She slept all the way to the next morning around 9:30AM! She's such a good sleeper which was good because Husband and I were both exhausted, too.

On Sunday, we went to Taste of Arlington. I used to think it was a bit overpriced, but they've changed it slightly. Plus, since the last time I went, a ton of new restaurants opened in the town. So, it was great to try out some new restaurants and grab some menus. It's a cheap way to sample fares without learning you don't like a place after dinner for two. Plus, it all goes to charity. I mean, it is a little pricey because you don't get that much food for your money, but it is great to get outside and walk around and check out places. There was a lot of community booths. It's a shame the weather wasn't a little better, but we managed to avoid most of the rain.

While we were leaving, Sister, Brother-in-Law, Nephew, Baby and I walked over (Husband met us there shortly afterwards). Nephew was instructed that he needed to hold a hand while we were on the sidewalk and crossing streets. We meant he had to hold an adult's hand, but he grabbed Baby's hand. Well, technically, he did hold a hand. So, we couldn't scold him. The cutest thing is that he didn't let that hand go once. He held it so tightly that Baby's fingertips turned white. She didn't pull her hand away once though.

So, good weekend, but I'm definitely looking forward to the long weekend coming up!


Naomi said...

Aw, Baby is so cute when she sleeps. And Nephew is adorable. I love how taken he is with Baby. He's a great big nephew (rather than a big brother). And how sweet that he held Baby's hand while crossing the street. Very literal. *g*

shoshana said...

That sounds like a fun weekend. I can't believe your nephew is 3 already. Time flies!