Thursday, May 22, 2008

Worst Mama Ever

OK, after reading an article on Dina Lohan, maybe I'm not.

The above photo is from a couple of days ago... before I tortured her. Yesterday, I was in a hurry. I had to run to the Social Security office about which I will not write because it aggravates me. So, I cleaned Baby's ears quickly before I left. Then, I decided to trim her nails before I ran out the door as well. I happened to nick her finger. Then, I realized that I nicked three of her fingers. She kept bleeding. So, I handed her to grandma with a washcloth and ice cube to help stop the bleeding and numb her fingers a little. Baby wasn't crying so I gave her a kiss and left the house.

I came home and went into the bedroom to get Baby ready to leave the house. There was blood all over her crib - on the bumper, on the sheet, all over the doll and soaking through to the mattress pad. She, meanwhile, was laughing at me the whole time. So, Grandma takes her while I strip the crib of the biohazardous mess. I presoak everything and then realize I have no idea how to work the washing machine. I've never done it before so I had to call Husband to walk me through the process.

Such drama! So, Baby had no morning nap. She took a ride to visit friends of mine and fell asleep just long enough for me to eat lunch. Later in the afternoon, she had 3 shots. She was such a good girl. She hardly cried... then. She slept through a brief trip to the store for some new items. Then, she woke up when we got home and wouldn't go back to sleep. She was crying in her sleep. Then, she was crying while awake. Then, she was screaming while awake. Poor thing was so miserable. There was a lot of Mommy cuddling and rocking. She was not feeling Daddy love last night. Quite the opposite. This is always surprising because she's a big Daddy's girl. She loves her daddy. Husband is the one who gets the rare giggles and the big smiles. Last night, no one got smiles. She was very clingy. Later, she finally gave in and slept for 10 hours.

Today, she's not quite herself. She's quiet, but we did get some smiles. My arms, however, are not fine. Between the lifting of the carrier, the baby and the stroller, my teeny little arms are killing me! We'll see if she is still Mommy's girl at home or if she's back loving her Daddy.

I should mention that Baby usually wears clothes. In the above photo, she was just hanging out in there while her bath was being prepared. She's not, as we like to say, ghetto baby - wandering around all dirty in just a diaper.


Sanna said...

April, things like that happen from time to time. It says nothing about your abilities as a mother. I am pretty sure you are great with everything you do.

BTW, I am back with my new blog. Go and check it out, tell me what ya think and link me :)

Love, Sanna

MrsErinS said...

ghetto baby!

Teble said...

April! I had to read that twice to make sure I understood it...YOU'VE NEVER USED A WASHING MACHINE BEFORE?! Oh my Gosh! Don't worry about Baby--she's going to be fine, BUT you need to learn to do laundry, girl! Does The Boy do all of it for you?

You know what? Forget I said anything. If you can get your man to do things for you then, more power to you!

princessapr said...


I can do laundry. I've done it before. Ever since we moved in together, the boy does do it all. About 2 years ago, we got a new washer and I never learned how to work the new one. I rarely do laundry because we have a stacking washer/dryer and I can't reach the dryer so why bother doing the laundry?