Monday, March 17, 2008

What's in a Name?

I just looked up Baby's name. Her name is the #22 most common female first name. 0.51% of females in the US share the same name which equal to around 624,750 women. Choosing her name wasn't as much of a trial as I had expected. Husband and I both went through the Name Book and picked our favorites. Then, we narrowed down the list of 10 or so to the ones we both liked. It basically narrowed down to one. He liked one. I liked one. There was one name we both liked. We actually had a middle name chosen first. It's a combination of both our mother's names. It's a lot of pressure to choose a child's name!

FYI: Baby is more popular than I. April is the #142 most common female first name. 0.154% of females in the US are named April - approximately 188,650 women. Husband has us both beat though. His name is the #3 most common male first name. 3.143% of males in the US share his name - approximately 3,850,175 men! I don't know how accurate the statistics are, but they come from this site.