Wednesday, March 26, 2008

When Bad Grammar Happens to Good People

It seems everyone has his or her pet peeves about the English language. I know I have mine. However, I also know I have big weaknesses when it comes to using grammar, punctuation and words correctly. For instance, my syntax has always been horrendous. My nouns and verbs don't always match each other.

This article mentions "verbing" nouns - where words that are usually nouns are used in a verb form. In some cases, the usage is correct or accepted as correct. In some cases, the usage is made up or completely wrong. I can't say it bothers me as much as the author, but it does make me wonder.

An example from work today: we have letter copy that sounded awkward, but it was actually correct. We made it incorrect so we could appeal to the masses.

As for "verbing", I do use Google and Wikipedia as verbs. Plus, I make up verbs all the time in common conversation. I can't think of an example right now, but I do make up my own words. Oh, I often use the phrase "I snoozed and I losed" as the past tense of "You snooze, you lose". It just sounds better than "I snoozed and I lost".

Do you misuse any words or use incorrect grammar on purpose or do you have any pet peeves?


Teble said...

Love the new blue background! I'm kind of a grammar Nazi, but I try to rein it in so I can tolerate people's mistakes. But I also love to make up my own words when the typical, ordinary words don't give me the *punch* I need.

april said...

Yeah, I don't know why it's ok when I do it, but it's unacceptable when others use improper grammar. I think it's because, when I do it, I know it. :)

I thought of you when I read this article actually.

Naomi said...

There are certain grammar rules that I want to force people to use, but there are a lot of things I let ride or don't even notice. I do need to be better about noticing. :)