Monday, March 3, 2008

We Miss You!

Of course, I really think we miss her more than she misses us! Today is the first day Baby is home by herself. Well, she's home with Grandma, but this is the first day (of many) that she is home without Husband or me. I like to think she misses us underneath the smiling and sleeping. I left her playing with her activity gym. She greeted me at lunch time sleeping, but I like to think sleep is her defense mechanism to pass the time until I come home and not just a nap. I know Baby and Grandma are doing fine, but it's a whole new routine for the rest of us who have to both get out of the house at the same time and make sure Baby is fed and taken care of. Plus, when she stays up late, one of us has to stay up because there's no excuse of working if both of us have to work. I have to admit that we've been lucky that we've both gotten 2 months of leave to be home with her. She's a great baby and will do fine, but we miss her!


Naomi said...

Of course she misses you. How could she not. And while I'm sure Grandma is taking great care of Baby, it's not the same as having Mom or Dad around. ((hugs))