Sunday, January 4, 2015

Weekend Updates - October

I'm far behind and will not bore you with all the details, but here is a pictorial tour of our Fall/Winter so far.

Baby looking happy in his jumper.  He would live in the thing if we let him.  He likes to jump and then have some swing time to fall asleep.
We went to our annual trek to the pumpkin patch with Brother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law.  It was windy, and we didn't stay too long because of traffic.  Plus, we went to a friend's baby shower in the evening.
 Still, we got pumpkins and some cute pictures, just not as many cute pictures as in years' past.
 Baby was a minion for Halloween.  Halloween doesn't mean much to him so I wasn't going all out for a costume.  I wanted something practical but, of course, cute.  So, he got a minion hat, overalls and a yellow shirt.  He tolerated it.
 Nephew really liked Baby time during Little Miss's 7th birthday party.  I can't believe the big girl is 7.  She's matured so much this Fall.  She has such an extensive vocabulary and so bright.  
 She, as most of the children in the known universe was Elsa for Halloween, but she also had an Anna costume that she wore to Disney on Ice and to Halloween at school.
 Baby will like Halloween much more next year.  I'm on the search for a Max from Where the Wild Things Are costume.  

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