Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week 39

Lots happened in January.  Baby learned to crawl - and does.  He gets all over the place.  He went from pulling himself up to sitting to scooting on his belly to crawling in about a week.  Last weekend, he pulled himself up in the crib to standing.  He's done this twice, but I don't think he's confident to do it on his own.  He gets so proud of himself, but he doesn't know what to do once he's upright.  

His top teeth are coming in, and it is making him more fussy than when his bottom teeth came in.  So, his sleep has just started getting back into the routine after being very erratic.  He eats less formula per day, but he has embraced solid food - finally.  He has liked almost everything we've given him from table food to baby food to food I've pureed for him.  He didn't care for the green beans or peas, but the second time he had peas he liked them.  Maybe the second time will be better for the beans.  As with all children, he prefers the sweeter fruits and vegetables.  He will drink from a bottle, but he likes to take a break.  Both kids are slow eaters which tries our patience.

I suspect he'll walk early, but he's not quite there yet.  Little Miss took steps at 10 months, but she didn't fully walk until 14 months.  We'll see where he falls, but at the rate he's going and the amount he loves standing, it'll be soon.

Health-wise, he's doing very well.  Eventually, he'll need his little tag on his ear removed surgically, but that's minor (maybe not to him, of course).  His bottom should be an issue of the past by his first birthday.  

He's a social guy.  He loves attention.  He loves Love LOVES his big sister.  He won't sleep if he's out and about.  He doesn't like to miss a thing.  So, that usually tuckers him out, but he will sleep in my arms if we're out and will sleep in the car but prefers his crib.  He's gotten really good at hanging out in his crib, too, though he prefers when we pluck him out of it, of course.  

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