Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Year!

As you may have noticed, I dropped the Blog Ball last year.  Life has moved on, but it's moved on without me updating the blog.  I'm trying to make up for lost time though.  For my own purposes, I will update my books read and movies watched as well.  

Let's see.  Since I've updated (and really, since last week practically), Baby is crawling all over the place.  He's a pretty good listener, too.  He has, so far, stayed away from things he shouldn't be near.  We don't really childproof so much as train early not to go into dangerous situations.  We are cautious and don't take unnecessary risks, but the entire house isn't bubble wrapped or anything.  He sits up unassisted and can move around and then bring himself up to the sitting position.  He has finally accepted solid food.  He's been game to try all sorts of new things.  We've been doing mostly fruits and veggies - a combo of store-bought and homemade.  I've also started passing him some table food depending on what it is.  He had a tiny bite of pasta.  He loves Puffs and prunes and pears and sweet potatoes.  Those are his favorites.  

Little Miss is doing well in school.  She loves it and looks forward to hear quarterly assessments this week.  She has a strong vocabulary and a strong sense of self and an astounding amount of self-confidence.  She tends to think we're all here for her and that our world must be so lonely and horrible when she is not with us.  Baby worships everything she does.  He looks at her with wonder and laughs at everything she does.  She eats up the adoration totally and completely.

Husband's boss lost the election last Fall so he's looking for a new position, but I have to admit that it's nice having him do the pick up and take care of many things at home.  I'm sure it'll be a transition when he gets a new job.

We had our first snow storm this winter yet not our first snow day which caused issues.  We ended up keeping Little Miss at home because her bus never came and the street on which the school is located was closed.  Today, there was a delay at least.  

I'm still working in DC, and it's going really well.  I've been busy, but I am finally not in a stressed mode.  Sort of.  This week has been a bit meeting heavy, but I have a handle on almost everything at least.  If I can get through Monday, I feel confident that 2015 is my year.  

My sister got engaged at the end of last year.  So, that's exciting!  Even though she has been with her fiance for many years, Little Miss still asked who she was marrying so that brought the soon-to-be brother-in-law down to earth.  She loves him though.

We celebrated Hanukkah with former brother-in-law and his wife last month as well.  Little Miss declared his dog was the best ever which is high praise because she doesn't like animals that close to her.

I definitely feel more confident this year than last.  Last year had a lot of different emotions.  I'm a lot more laid back this year.  

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