Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Weekend Update - A Little Bit of Crazy

Last weekend, it was insane.  On Saturday, Husband went out with his friends to play golf and then go watch something - golf or World Cup or both.  The kids were a little crazy, but they pulled it together for the last baseball game of the season.  After the baseball game, the coach and his wife had everyone over for a end-of-season cook out.  There was a moon bounce and tons of food.  The team was full of great kids and parents.  It was enjoyable.  Everyone was so supportive even in a season full of rain cancellations.  The kids were given little medals and baseballs.  We bought team pictures as well.  It was a fun day.  Baby slept through everything.

On Sunday, I met friends in the city for brunch.  It was a lot of fun.  Then, I had to run home to bring Little Miss to her last skating lesson.  After skating, I met a friend for a birthday dinner.  I was definitely ready for some relaxation after that day!  The weather was beautiful though - not too hot or too cold.  So, we ate outside and had a really pleasant evening.