Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 8

Week 8 has been fun.  Baby has started kicking.  He makes some faces though they only really tell us what stages of gassy he is.  He makes sounds other than screaming.  Nothing is cuter than his little coos and chatter.  He is quite strong in his legs and with his neck.  He's started grabbing things though mostly accidentally.  He still eats and sleeps approximately the same amount as he has been.  

He still loves to be swaddled, but he is stretching out more and more and becoming more comfortable with his limbs being free.  He's still really good.  No complaints from us!  It's fantastic seeing more and more of his personality come through.  He's very easy-going, very affectionate.  I'd say he's impatient, but all babies are at this age.  All things considered, he's as patient as he can be.  To a point.  Next week will be another visit to the surgeon and the following week is his 2 month well baby visit.  Time is flying!