Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Weekend Update - Hello, June!

Last weekend, we had a busy one. On Friday, Little Miss was sick - again. She woke up throwing up. No fever though. So, Husband stayed home with her while I took Baby to the cardiologist. She recovered by the end of the day though.
On Saturday, Little Miss convinced me she was all better. I took the kids to get portraits taken. They came out ok. I liked a couple of the two of them together and fell in love with one of the pictures of Baby. I didn't buy too many however. After the portraits were taken, we hung out at the mall and then went to my parents' house. My parents watched Baby while Sister, Nephew, Little Miss and I went to the county fair. The kids had a great time riding the carnival rides. We stayed until we were about to melt and then went to my parents' pool. My parents stayed home with the baby while we ordered pizza. We got home quite late, but it was a good day. In the meantime, Husband had a friend and his wife over to watch the Belmont Stakes so I visited once we got home.
On Sunday, it was a lazy day. I think I took like four naps - with and without Baby. Husband ran some errands and hit some golf balls. Then, we took Little Miss to skating. It seemed like a busy day, but it wasn't - probably because we were all recovering from Saturday.