Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Weekend Update - Goodbye May!

The week after Memorial Day was a little insane. Little Miss was given the all clear to go back to school right before Memorial Day, but we came home from Maryland with a UTI so she had to go back to the doctor. Then, on Friday, Baby had to go in for his well child visit. So, it was a week full of doctor appointments with no end in sight to additional visits. 

On Saturday, we had baseball in the middle of the day. Little Miss had her best at bat so far. She hit a fantastic straight hit. She was called out at first, but it was only because the throw was faster than her run. 

My parents made it to the baseball game.  After, we were heading to Fairfax for portraits of the kids, but we hit so much traffic, we had to cancel our appointment.  My parents took us out to dinner for our birthdays.  After a long (very long) wait, we had a delicious meal and some conversation.  Little Miss enjoyed the grandparents' attention quite a bit.  

 On Sunday, I got up to get a much-needed manicure (and to use a voucher about to expire). On the way, I dropped off a gallon-size bag of lettuce that we grew. The elementary school has a program to grow lettuce for the school and to feed the local hungry. Our attempt failed miserably (or superbly, I suppose) in the fall, but we grew quite a bit of lettuce in the spring. We trimmed it down and continue to grow lettuce with great success. I got back from my manicure in time for Little Miss to go to her skating lesson where she graduated to the next level.