Friday, July 5, 2013

The 2013 Campaign

Well, life in the metro DC area is full of politics.  Someone is always wanting something.  There is a lot of shady deals and people acting on their own agendas.  This is no different within our household.  

A certain Little Miss has decided she wants a baby sister.  Named Kayla.  She's very specific.  It was cute a couple of months ago.  This past week, she's taken to begging.  Then, she changed tactics.  She's now listing her great qualifications as a big sister.  She is campaigning hard.

I keep telling her it's great that she's an only child.  A new baby would take away from her attention because we'd be busy looking after a baby.  She countered with the fact that she would be such a great help.  She could help feed her.  Yesterday, she pushed her cousin in his stroller and she wanted me to see how helpful she was steering and pushing the stroller now that she's a big girl.  She also has taken to positive visualization skills.  She starts sentences with "When my baby sister comes..."  Yesterday, I told her she needed a second bathing suit because she outgrew her ones from last year.  She said I need to get two so her baby sister will have one.  Seriously.  This is how our conversations go now.

I've tried to tell her that she may not get a sibling or a baby sister OR, horrors upon horrors, she could get a baby brother.  She did not hear me suggest there be no sibling at all.  No reaction.  As for the baby brother, she said that would be ok, but she "likes girls better".  

I just pray everyday that she doesn't say the phrase she says at home to anyone outside the house - "I can't wait for my baby sister to come!"  If she does, I'm going to explain that there's no baby, just an extra 5 pounds, but thanks for asking.

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