Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Mummy Dogs

I made these for Little Miss's birthday Halloween party last weekend. You can find the "recipe" here. Mom did most of it. I was in a hurry so the hot dogs were too hot to hold the eyes, but they were very cute and went very quickly. We did 2 packages and they were the first food to disappear. Next year, I'll have to do more. They also cook up really fast which is nice especially because I had very limited time to make them between soccer and the party. 

 I also made jack o'lantern tangerines/clementines for the goody bags. I just drew on tangerines with a Sharpie. They were simple and cute (and tasty). More on the rest of the party in the weekend update. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of pictures, but I do have a few at least.

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MrsErinS said...

So, apparently JJ had become very attached to his clementine jack o lantern. I did not know this. So when i peeled it for him to eat he SCREAMED! OOOOORRRRANNNNGGGGEEE!!!

bad, bad mommy.