Monday, October 22, 2012

Where the Wild Things Are

It is not news that I love Where the Wild Things Are.  Last night, I read the classic to Little Miss.  She gets to pick a book and I get to pick a book at bedtime.  She usually picks old favorites.  She doesn't read the same book all the time, but they are the same handful.  So, I try to sneak in a new one every so often - at the very least for my own sanity.  She noticed that this copy was from Nanny and Papa (because my mom writes the date in every book she gives), and I said it was my book from when I turned 5.  Well.  That just made it the perfect book according to Little Miss who is going to be 5 - just like I was.  

Also, when we got to the last page, she asked me to read it again because it really made her laugh for some reason.  "And it was still hot."