Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekend Update - Cleaning House

It was a nice weekend. On Friday, we caught up on some television on the DVR. On Saturday, soccer was cancelled because the storms needed to recover after the storms through the night. So, I slept late and hoped Little Miss didn't burn the house down. She didn't. In the afternoon, we walked to Clarendon for Little Miss's school fair. She had fun. We then had a mother-daughter lunch at The Silver Diner. Then, we hit the library and walked back home. I took a nap later that evening, and it was glorious. Then, I rented a movie and went back to bed. 

On Sunday, it was my goal to clean house. I admit that I wanted to do it before last Sunday, but we're down to the wire before Little Miss's birthday party. So, Sunday, I slept a little late, but then I set to work. I started in our walk-in closet and just started tossing. I played my iPod and just got down to work. Husband came in to tell me that Little Miss took a CD out and put it in her CD player and actually cleaned her room. I guess it does help to lead by example! I cleaned our entire bedroom not including Husband's stuff. Tomorrow, I plan on doing the kitchen and the odds and ends that I've been collecting from the other rooms. I'm on good pace to leave cooking and goody bag assembly for Friday evening. Then, Saturday is the controlled chaos called a 5th birthday.

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