Friday, October 5, 2012

More Fall TV

Last week, I caught Elementary and Last Resort

I thought both had strong enough pilots. Elementary had some accurate reviews. The show is mostly a procedural. Yes, Sherlock is a familiar character - both the actual Sherlock character and by being represented by characters who have been inspired by him. Still, I liked Johnny Lee Miller's Sherlock enough. I wish Dr. Watson wasn't so dull. I realize she's the straight man, but I didn't feel Lucy Liu gave was as captivating. 

The Husband and I also caught Last Resort. I liked the pilot. It was very interesting and full of intrigue. It had a lot of actors I like in it. I do worry because the ratings weren't, and continued to not be, strong. 

The Husband watched on his own Vegas and liked it quite a bit. The series is still on our DVR so I may try to catch up, but we'll see. Line has to be drawn somewhere. 

The last remaining show I have on the DVR is Nashville. I've heard nothing but good things, but I'm still wary because it's not my usual type of show. I haven't cut many, just a comedy here and there, but it is a definite fact that not all of the Fall shows will last - either by my choice or the networks.