Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekend Update - Happy New Year!

For New Year's, we head out to the parents' mountain house. Uncle, Aunt, Cousins, Sister, Sister's Boyfriend, Nephew, and the parents were all there already. Sister and her boyfriend left the first full day we were there so we celebrated Christmas that day. It was a big orgy of presents as Christmas should be. Then, we had a big dinner and played Scattergories. Later, we all rang in the new year (well, the kids had gone to bed).

The next day, we all got up to go skiing. It was raining, but we pushed on. Little Miss was great. We took her up a couple of times, but Mom and I were poor teachers and she's a giant lead weight. So, then, Dad had a moment and took some time with her and she progressed much better. When she had enough, she and Nephew went home with Uncle while the rest of us skied.

The day after we head home.  A big storm was heading in so we all got up and got going.  Then, it was school and work the next day.  It was a good time even though time goes by quickly!  Video below of Little Miss showing the slope who's boss.